Friday, February 24, 2012


Man bloggs are the shit! They are everything and anything you want it to be. I like them because you can talk about stupid shiz and its alright because its your opinion and wait what is that ladies and gentlemen oh yeah thats what a BLOG is! Your friggin OPINION!!!!! whoah news fluckin flash..... You can use it as an open diary but it can also be hidden, as your journal which is just another word for diary. You can use it to talk about the things you love, promote make up items or material stuff! You can review movies and people actually give a fudge or review books and people will take your opinion and be like HELL YEAH BRO! or HELL NO! whatever floats their boats,kayaks, dugouts, and or canoes. I really dig blogs cuz you can rant about stupid or random things like, how cats suck so bad, or how family is so awsome, or or how facebook is addicting sadly, or or or how this chick isabella just posted a blog ALLL about how blogs are the shit! :) 
Glad to be back
Robot Anybody :)

Simply Issy

Saturday, October 8, 2011


im back guys and i plan on staying. :) i wrote something that id like to share with you. more like i would like to ask you.
One day i was just sitting on my couch and i got the urg to write. so i did and it turned out really good well at least i think so. its called "What Would I Do".

What would i do?
What would i do if i didnt have my family
To tell you the truth i have no idea, i think i would feel sad,mad, and empty
Sometimes i act like i dont need them like i can do this on my own but i know its just a lie
if anyone of them was taken away from me the only thing i would be thinking is why
Why her, or what did he do to deserve that, why wasnt it me instead
all those agonizing questions would be yelling at me inside my head
i know they would be happier and pain free in heaven
but what scares me the most is the nightmare of never holding, speaking, laughing or seeing them ever again
Were not guaranteed the next day or even through the night
Life is a gift from God not a passage of right
Ive asked myself this question time and time again and it finaly got through
so now its your turn to answer

Serioulsy take the time to ask yourself this. Not trying to get all deep and crap but i answered it so now u do it.

Simply Issy

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


SO TODAY AUGUST 10TH IS THE DAY I WAS BORN!!!!!!!! Today is birthday and im soooooo excited!! i got woken up with a phone call from one of my best friends Ryen. She left me this long HILARIOUS messaage and she texted me HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 10 times lol shes crazy but thats not the best thing that has happend its 12:39 and guess what God has given me for my birthday................................................ RAIN!!!!! its not just sprinkles or drizzles OH HELLS NO its pouring down once you walk out ur are soaking wet kind of rain!!!!! ITS SOOOOO AMAZAZING!!! Man it is raining on my birthday i mean i couldnt ask for anything better than that like at all oh and i go into my kitchen cuz i was thirsty and well i get a better view of the wonderful rain and what do i see........................................... a beautiful little card but whats under that beautiful little card welll let me just tell you cuz i can tell your on edge right now MINI CUPCAKESSSSSS!!!!! My awsome dad was gonna surprise me with that but u know me i love to ruin surprises lol jk that just happend. So just wanted to tell you that my BIRTHDAY is off to an AWSOME start!!!!!!!! :)

ill be back later to update u on my  BIRTHDAY!!!!!! :) im gonna be really selfish today and talk about me ALOT! lol jk.................................... maybe ;)

Simply Issy!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Sooooo im like supa sorry that i havent been on. Its just iv been SUPA busy with work, back to school stuff, shopping, and oh ya MY BIRTHDAY (which is in 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) the 10th! and plus i havent had really anything to write about so far nothing dramatic like my sister hates my guts or sad like i found out my uncle only has up to 2 years to live because his cancer or or happy cuz my birthday might be in 4 days or something........................................... OH CUZ  ALL THAT CRAP/AMAZING THINGS DID HAPPEN!!!
Ya so i got a call from my dad telling me that my uncles cancer spread to his liver and he only has 2 years or less and i was freaking out and he was like ur sister didnt tell u? and i was like no she wont even talk to me anymore so ya my sister found out first and didnt tell me! WHO DOES THAT!!!! Thats something i needed to know! hes my friggin uncle! can somebody say BIZITCH please!!!!!!!! Moving on ya my bday is on the 10th and im supa excited im finally gonna be 17 WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!! My bffl9yp is taking me to a movie and then i have to work but on Friday the 12th is when im havin a party and all my friends are going to that :) im gonna put pictures up pretty soon sooooo Ill see you later :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

hopefully tommorrow ill have something better to
talk about :)

Me and Katie got matching shirts!!!!!:) oh yaaaaa its some DARTH VADOR!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boy do i miss it!

So the answer to your question..... yes that was a charletts web reference!:) lol. Okay so i am hating this weather so much! Hot weather and me just dont add up, dont get me wrong it can be nice and all but seriously 106 degrees is not nice its torture!!!! ok maybe im being a little dramatic but thats me!lol Weather hasnt been this hot since 1980 and im just not a fan of it. Im more of a winter/fall kind of gal. I love the cold idk y i just do its soo refreshing and i love love love love love the RAIN! Ive never been this emotionially in love with anything before (i have intimate issues)Im what you would call "obsessed" with it. Every time it rains im always outside with it, im either reading, doing homework, playing in it or flat out stalking it with my eyes;). If rain could file a restraining order against me, i am 100 percent sure it would. It makes everything prettier :) But we havent had any rain in FOREVER and it makes me so sad :( and one day i was watching, "singing in the rain" (ya i stooped that low) and it was pouring down rain (supa jelous) and then i just started writting about rain and it turned into a poem so i thought i would share it with u! Here it is

Rain, Rain Come Again
Rain can be viewed in many ways
Rain makes me happy, it makes the world seem less broken
When the rain falls its like all the pain, worry, and destruction is hidden
Some say it washes all their troubles away and I would agree
For that hour or 2 the only thing that matters is the rain and me
One thing that stuck out the most to me for many years
Is that the rain falling might be a sign of Gods tears
Now if I say I didn’t believe that, id be lying
Because the truth is iv always had that in the back of my mind that its God crying
But how can I love the rain so much if that’s what im thinking
Well I wont officially know the truth until my heart stops beating
So until then, whenever I see rain I will still smile and twirl
Cuz for that hour or 2 it will only be the rain and me in this screwed up world


SIMPLY ISSY!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Soooo my life so far has been pretty boring. I could make up this outrageous story like..............." I wear a red hood everyday and one day i was walking to my grandmas house cuz she was sick and when i got there the house was dark so i asked if she was home but no answer, so i open the door and 3 little pigs rush out. 1 little pig  yelled "oh hell no grandma i dont think so!", the 2nd little pig yelled "who knew we could talk!!!! Wat the heck is going on, at first i was at a farm and a spider was my best friend and now some grammy with huge teeth wants to eat me!!" and the last piggy screech "pig noises". All i was thinkin was screw that! So i turned around and followed the yellow brick road and the weirdest thing happen i started to hear people singing. idk, it was random i think it went like, "were of f to see the lizard the wonderful lizard of all.........  Im guessing their going to get some epic geico insurance..........NICE, and then an apple came out of NO WHERE and hit me in the head and i was knocked out...idk call me crazy but i rather eat the apple cuz there my fav fruit and its not like im gonna get knocked out by eating it u i wake up and im in a friggin huge castle!!! like REALLY!!!!!!! So i look around and then i see hair is really long like past my feet long, thats not the weird part for some reason it turned blonde! now picture me my skintone and then BLONDE hair.... odd right soo then i hear a bang and then BAM an orger with a talking donkey burst into the door!! i was caught off guard big time. and then he ask if im fiona and i give him this look and said "close but no im issy or isabella." he goes oops wrong room. so they leave and i look down and see that i have these BANGIN sparklly read convers on and i click them together to get glitter on the floor and i think, man this would look great in my room and then i look up and guess where i am? MY ROOM!" but we all know that really didnt happen........................ or did it, i guess you will never truly know.  ;)

simply issy