Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ok here it is

so its september 28 and im really EXCITED!!! my first official blog! i didnt go to school today cuz i really didnt feel like it but tommorrow OH YEAH im going  i kinda have to i gots to make up a test that were doing today! so my life is pretty blha lets start it from the begining okay 1. i found`out that my best friend is really sick 2. my 17 year old sister is pregnant 3. all my shows are on new seasons!!! vampire diaries, supernatural, 90210, gossip girl, greys anatomy, hellcats!!! FINALLY lol my other shows are burn notice , psych and more!!! but there not new sad face oh well back to the subject this guy and my school is being super lame!!! he likes me and i like him but he never even freaking talks to me he just stares!!!! sad fce again i need some advice on that one cuz its really bugging me!!!! any one can give me advice i just need it!! well i gots to go......... feed my dog so comment, give some feedback , whatever!!! THANKS
check back in later or tommorow!!

simply issy
(thats how im gonna end things now lol)

my first blog

hey my name is isabella but you can call me issy or bella (yes like twilght) :) this will be my very first blog or post whatever you call it, but trust me not my last! let me tell you alittle about my self im 16 and im a junior in highschool. ive been a vegetarian since last november! i have a sister and a brother and 4 step sibblings so theres basically 7 kids in my family! ya crazy right but i love it! i love books and poems but im a huge MOVIE FREAK!!! i love to hang out with my friends and spending time with my .im really close with my brother but my sister not so much were totally different! so my blog is mainly gonna be about me venting , my school life, my love life lol, my family drama, and just me.so i think ill just leave it at that and ill be back super duper soon!!!!