Friday, February 24, 2012


Man bloggs are the shit! They are everything and anything you want it to be. I like them because you can talk about stupid shiz and its alright because its your opinion and wait what is that ladies and gentlemen oh yeah thats what a BLOG is! Your friggin OPINION!!!!! whoah news fluckin flash..... You can use it as an open diary but it can also be hidden, as your journal which is just another word for diary. You can use it to talk about the things you love, promote make up items or material stuff! You can review movies and people actually give a fudge or review books and people will take your opinion and be like HELL YEAH BRO! or HELL NO! whatever floats their boats,kayaks, dugouts, and or canoes. I really dig blogs cuz you can rant about stupid or random things like, how cats suck so bad, or how family is so awsome, or or how facebook is addicting sadly, or or or how this chick isabella just posted a blog ALLL about how blogs are the shit! :) 
Glad to be back
Robot Anybody :)

Simply Issy