Saturday, October 8, 2011


im back guys and i plan on staying. :) i wrote something that id like to share with you. more like i would like to ask you.
One day i was just sitting on my couch and i got the urg to write. so i did and it turned out really good well at least i think so. its called "What Would I Do".

What would i do?
What would i do if i didnt have my family
To tell you the truth i have no idea, i think i would feel sad,mad, and empty
Sometimes i act like i dont need them like i can do this on my own but i know its just a lie
if anyone of them was taken away from me the only thing i would be thinking is why
Why her, or what did he do to deserve that, why wasnt it me instead
all those agonizing questions would be yelling at me inside my head
i know they would be happier and pain free in heaven
but what scares me the most is the nightmare of never holding, speaking, laughing or seeing them ever again
Were not guaranteed the next day or even through the night
Life is a gift from God not a passage of right
Ive asked myself this question time and time again and it finaly got through
so now its your turn to answer

Serioulsy take the time to ask yourself this. Not trying to get all deep and crap but i answered it so now u do it.

Simply Issy