Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boy do i miss it!

So the answer to your question..... yes that was a charletts web reference!:) lol. Okay so i am hating this weather so much! Hot weather and me just dont add up, dont get me wrong it can be nice and all but seriously 106 degrees is not nice its torture!!!! ok maybe im being a little dramatic but thats me!lol Weather hasnt been this hot since 1980 and im just not a fan of it. Im more of a winter/fall kind of gal. I love the cold idk y i just do its soo refreshing and i love love love love love the RAIN! Ive never been this emotionially in love with anything before (i have intimate issues)Im what you would call "obsessed" with it. Every time it rains im always outside with it, im either reading, doing homework, playing in it or flat out stalking it with my eyes;). If rain could file a restraining order against me, i am 100 percent sure it would. It makes everything prettier :) But we havent had any rain in FOREVER and it makes me so sad :( and one day i was watching, "singing in the rain" (ya i stooped that low) and it was pouring down rain (supa jelous) and then i just started writting about rain and it turned into a poem so i thought i would share it with u! Here it is

Rain, Rain Come Again
Rain can be viewed in many ways
Rain makes me happy, it makes the world seem less broken
When the rain falls its like all the pain, worry, and destruction is hidden
Some say it washes all their troubles away and I would agree
For that hour or 2 the only thing that matters is the rain and me
One thing that stuck out the most to me for many years
Is that the rain falling might be a sign of Gods tears
Now if I say I didn’t believe that, id be lying
Because the truth is iv always had that in the back of my mind that its God crying
But how can I love the rain so much if that’s what im thinking
Well I wont officially know the truth until my heart stops beating
So until then, whenever I see rain I will still smile and twirl
Cuz for that hour or 2 it will only be the rain and me in this screwed up world


SIMPLY ISSY!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Soooo my life so far has been pretty boring. I could make up this outrageous story like..............." I wear a red hood everyday and one day i was walking to my grandmas house cuz she was sick and when i got there the house was dark so i asked if she was home but no answer, so i open the door and 3 little pigs rush out. 1 little pig  yelled "oh hell no grandma i dont think so!", the 2nd little pig yelled "who knew we could talk!!!! Wat the heck is going on, at first i was at a farm and a spider was my best friend and now some grammy with huge teeth wants to eat me!!" and the last piggy screech "pig noises". All i was thinkin was screw that! So i turned around and followed the yellow brick road and the weirdest thing happen i started to hear people singing. idk, it was random i think it went like, "were of f to see the lizard the wonderful lizard of all.........  Im guessing their going to get some epic geico insurance..........NICE, and then an apple came out of NO WHERE and hit me in the head and i was knocked out...idk call me crazy but i rather eat the apple cuz there my fav fruit and its not like im gonna get knocked out by eating it u i wake up and im in a friggin huge castle!!! like REALLY!!!!!!! So i look around and then i see hair is really long like past my feet long, thats not the weird part for some reason it turned blonde! now picture me my skintone and then BLONDE hair.... odd right soo then i hear a bang and then BAM an orger with a talking donkey burst into the door!! i was caught off guard big time. and then he ask if im fiona and i give him this look and said "close but no im issy or isabella." he goes oops wrong room. so they leave and i look down and see that i have these BANGIN sparklly read convers on and i click them together to get glitter on the floor and i think, man this would look great in my room and then i look up and guess where i am? MY ROOM!" but we all know that really didnt happen........................ or did it, i guess you will never truly know.  ;)

simply issy

Monday, July 25, 2011

Who Doesnt Love Them................

Have you ever seen a movie where the ending is just too good to be true. When the guy says the perfect thing to get the girl he almost lost or the girl shows up at the perfect time to get the guy she almost lost. Ya those movies are my favorite i love a movie that can spit out a cheesey line to someone and it just works. Sometimes they make you want to say AWWWWWW, sometimes WTF and maybe even YES!!!!!!! Im all about the cheese when it comes to guys. I think the cheesier the better. Example of some cheese.
Tom Cruise- i love you. You complete me. I I
Rene Z- Shut up...... You had me at hello. You had me at hello
I mean REALLY!!! U just dont see that everyday!!! I absolutly love it.
Will Smith- Because thats what people do, they leap and hope to God they can fly. Because otherwise we just drop....... like a rock, wondering the whole way down. "Why in the hell did i jump?" But here i am, Sara, falling. And thers only one person that makes me feel like  i can fly. And thats you..... thats you
See those kind of words, you would have me on a permantent leash, i know that might sound demeaning and all but COME ON!!!!!! I have a huge soft spot for cheesey/corny lines and for blue or green eyes but thats besides the point. okay and last but not really theres more but i just cant think of any right now least is........
Natalie Portman- she starts walking toward him
 Ashton K- he steps back and says, "Don’t you come any closer…because if you do, I’m never letting you go!"
How do you not just jump into those romantic/corny/cheesy/awsome arms of his!!!!!!!!!!
And this is for the guys.... Girls can be cheesy and awsome too Example
"I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair. I hate the way you drive my car. I hate it when you stare. I hate your big dumb combat boots, and the way you read my mind. I hate you so much it makes me sick; it even makes me rhyme. I hate it, I hate the way you're always right. I hate it when you lie. I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry. I hate it that you're not around, and the fact that you didn't call. But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all."
She wrote a poem for him and then read it infron of her CLASS!!!!! that takes some major lady balls!
The truth is... I gave my heart away a long time ago, my whole heart... and I never really got it back
This is my all time favorite movie in the world!!!
Young Melanie: What do you want to be married to me for, anyhow? Young Jake: So I can kiss you anytime I want.
 Then BAMM!!!! Lighting strikes when they kiss!!! i mean isnt that just AMAZING!!!
Life would be just lovely if everyone used cliches and pickup lines!!!clap...............clap..........clap.....clap....clap...clap..clap.clapclap multiple claps clapclapclapclapclaps
ya the one clap that turned into multiply claps that ends in a standing ovation - cliche number 1 :)

cant think of a witty title.....................

Ok soo i decided to just reply to my comments on here, since im not capable of figuring out how to do it other wise :). To rose well i give you mad props for putting that quote up or i guess lyrics up cuz more people should know about BOB DYLAN! Good job girl!!!!!! Ok so back to Mr. E aka NOT british guy but American guy who lives in Britain (did i get that right :)) So is it the Quote i commented or the one i blogged, and thanks i actually am known for my awsome metaphors which usually turns into sarcasm ............ so much for intellectual gramar, more like smart assery :) Sooooooooooooo moving on, Todays my first day at work!!!!! YAAAAAY!!! ( i doubt ill be saying that a month later) I go in at 4:30pm and im like supa stoked! I went to bed at 10:00pm  cuz i wanted to be like fully energized but i ended up waking up at 12:36 am and as u know from my previous blog once i wake up its SUPA hard to get back to sleep. So i tried counting backwards from 100 to 1. Then tried it forwards 1 to 100. and nothing. So i tried my ABCs once again forward and backwards... I can offically say that im a pro, and if i ever get pulled over for drinking or drunk driving (watever u call it) thats the one test i will ace!!!! After all that, i just started singing tommorow by chris young but i cant sing like him let alone sing at all so i decided id let him do it.  so im listening to him and i forget that when i listen to music it always make me hyper so i can officially say that i am 100% SCREWED!!!!!!! Its 2:19 in the morning and im not even tired!!!!! i got 2 hours, 36 minutes and no idea how many seconds of sleep! Wish me luck on my first day cuz God knows i need it

Simply Issy

If my dogg buddy can do it, y cant i!!!!!!!!!!
Ive never been this jelous in my sad :(

Saturday, July 23, 2011

sooooooooo technically.....

Soooo technically its not sunday yet, but in 27 minutes it will be but i just couldnt wait!!! Oh i need to clarify something hehe Mr. E aka british guy is actually not british hes american!!!! WOOT WOOT! but hes still awsome that part hasnt changed just his nationality lol. And (i know ur not suppose to start a sentence with "and" but i am ya im bad........... to the bone)  a correction on my bfffl9yp statement i just got too excited its actually BFFL9YP-  best friend for like 9 years plus!!!!!! ok back to my bloggythingamajig..... I read the most aswome quote in the world or today and i thought i might share it with you. :D okay here goes............. u ready..................... are u sure................ i bet the suspence is KILLING  u................ almost dead........okay ill bring u back to life and just tell you :)
No one falls in love by choice, its by chance.
No one stays in love by chance, its by work.
and No one falls out of love by chance, its by choice.

so for all you lovers out there, if you want things to work, put in the time and work for it,
its not just gonna magicaly fix itself.
if you break his/her heart and want to fix it go get some super glue not tape, tape is fast and halfass and will eventully fall of and then its broken all over again.
if you trully want to fix it
1. go to the store
2. ask  for glue
3. make sure the glue is super glue
4. buy the glue
5. go home, fix what you broke and hold on to it
if you trully want to fix his/her heart u will take the neccessary steps and as much time as she/he need to fix it.
If you dont want to fix it, let someone else who wants to do it. u keep ur halfass tape :)

yaaa i just got deep just call me dr. issy

simply issy 

1st comes the weird 2nd comes the missed!!

Ok so this might start out a little weird but i think thats ok cuz im a little weird. So here goes :) I want to thatnk Mr. E  aka blonde british guy!:) i think ur awsome for commenting and oh thanks for the congrats and ya i knew i heard "up the antes" from somewhere and poker sounds just about right!! i tried to comment back to let u know all that good stuff but it wouldnt let me so i decided what better to way to comment back  than  to put it on my blogg for everyone else to see and will now know how awsome u r!!!!!!! :) ok that was the weird part now heres the missed part. I MISS MY BFFFL9YP!!!!!!!! If your wandering what bfffl9yp is well let me brake it dwn for you. Katie is my best friend for like 9 years plus and shes gone.:( She went to colorado for a music fest and to visit her uncle whos soooooooo awsome and hes 22 but thats besides the point. She left on the 15th and i miss her like CRAZY!!! We do everything together at school people say were joint at the hip lol its so true though. The longest weve ever been apart was maybe 4 days. Summer we practically live with each other but everythings changing now since she got a job and i got a job its gonna be really hard to see each other.:( But i guess thats life, u have to grow up and get responsible and some people do grow apart thts just statistics.................................... SCREW THAT!!!!!!!! We have gone through hell and back with each other, this is just a drypatch guess lol Shes coming back sunday and as peaches and herbs would say "reunited and it feels so good"!!!!! thats gonna be our back ground music when i go pick her up from the airport, wer gonna do the whole cliche thing where u run and slow motion and once u run into each other u fall! oh ya we talk about that :)

simply issy!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Urs Truly!!!

Sooooo urs truly got a job!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iv been looking and appyling since the beginging of summer and sometimes i get a call then an interview and then nothing :( . When i finally ask y in the most polite way ever (cuz i was soooo annoyed) hes said " well honey, ur just a little to young for this job". Well i go, once again in the most polite voice i had ever used said "dont you have to be 16", he said yes u do. i said well i am 16 and in august im going to be 17 so. He paused and just looked and said oh. u  u just dont look ur age, i was guessing around 14 or 15. All i could say without blowing up in this guys face (cuz ya he didnt know but i get this ALL the time!!! even as low as 12 friggin years old!!) was thank you for your time and have a nice day then walked out. Soo  i kind of gave up after awhile of rejection, cuz u know wat it just does not feel to good and doesnt make me want to jump for joy, But one day my step dad tells me hes really good friends with the guy who owns all the citybites in Oklahoma and he said he would call him up and talk to him. A few days go by and Mark (the guy) called my step dad back and said ya just tell her to go apply, well my stepdad warned him that i dont look my age and iv never really had a real job before more like babysitting and mowing lawns or filing stuff. Mark was really cool about it and said thats no problem let me call steve who is a manerger at one of the places and tell him about ur daughter!!! So i go turn my app in and the guy steves like so lets do an interview now, i said ok lets do it! (showing off my smile and being really bubbly) so he started asking me questions and telling me about city bites and how its a fun and happy place to work at and then he just pushed the app aside and said i dont want to look at this right nw i want u to tell me about ur self. haha soo i did i started off with how awsome i am and that im a real go getter and how people are just amazed to be in my presence.................................... NOT!!! im not that cocky but i did say i get alot of compliments on my smile :D but anyways after i told him about myself he said When can u start!!!!!!!!!! So to wrap this up URS TRULY FINALLY GOT A JOB!!!!! The guy didnt even ask about my age, i guess mark told him but still he didnt ask to confirm it or anything. :)

i guess u can say the underdog came out on top this time!!!
Simply Issy 

first person i told (well after my mom and dad
                                                                                                                 so i gues 3rd oh who cares lol :))

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


OK so me and my brother are at war right now. Prank War!!!!!!!!!! It all started out with, misplacing each others things (heheeh) at first my brother thought he was going crazy, but then he soon realized when he caught me lol. All he said was and i quote " u got 2 days" and then left. i bet your wandering wat that ment right. Me too. So for two days i was sooooo paranoid, i was checking all my crap like crazy!! So i finally went to him on the 2nd day and said WHAT THE HECK DOES 2 DAYS MEAN!!!!!! he just laughed and i was like do u know how crazy this is making me!!!!! he said good then it worked. Ya jaw dropping stuff. So he got me back by doing absolutly nothing! So after that we started scaring each other. It was and still is really funn. Seeing the facial expressions were just PRICELESS. But do we stop there HECK NO!!!!! He decided to up the antes. (i think thats a saying i heard it somewhere and it just kinda fit. i think lol) Sooooo one night i just couldnt sleep and i was up till like  2 in the mornig well usually thats no big deal but i had to be somewhere at 7 am later so i really needed to go to sleep. I finally get to bed at 2:46 and then BAM!!! or BOING!!! i jump awake and see my brother on my bed!!! hes laughing and says "hey wat r u doing?" UHHHHHHHHH SLEEPINGG!!!!! I was like wat the heck man!! he just kept laughing and said oh did i wake u up (cue devilish smile) good. Then i started laughing, it could have been the lack of sleep i got or that my brother got me cuz he knows that if i wake up in my sleep it takes FOREVER for me to fall back asleep or sometimes i just cant get back to sleep!!!!! EVIL RIGHT!!!!! SOguess how long i was up??? Well i ll just tell you 530 in the mornig and i had to be up at six!!! so i got literally 30 minutes of sleep YAAAY!!!!! SO tonight or early in the mornig, basically whenever my brother gets to sleep oh ya u bet ur bottom dollar im going to wake him up out of his sleep and just talk to him :D and talk and talk and talk and oh ya TALK! cue devilish grin and rubbing my hands together while saying MWAH HA HA HA HA!!!! lol

Simply Issy!

oh ya hes in for it :D!!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Neon Squirrel: Useless

Neon Squirrel: Useless: "Hello cybernonsense friends, today I have a rant for you! :) Boys are so completely useless. Now I'm all for playing games and having fun ..."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i keep forgetting!!

i thougt since summer was here i would be able to get on here lke every day. right. no WRONG!!!!!  i keep friggin forgetting i have my blog! so im gonna make it a point to get on here everyday hopefully lol. I would lve to meet new bloggers and read there and comment and all that good stuff but silly me i keep forgetting!!! So I Isabella King promise to get on here everyday...........hopefully, maybe, for sure, 100%, minus like 50%, no were gonna go 100% oh well we will just see!!!!!
 Simply Issy ;)
p.s i thought id put up some pics

nov. 5 2010

me and my cousin STEPH

STEPH AGAIN !!!!!!!!
i love him sooooooo

                                                                                 I WAS SANTAS
                                                                                LITTLE HELPER
                                                                                4 HALLOWEEN
                                                                                 IRONIC RIGHT