Saturday, July 23, 2011

1st comes the weird 2nd comes the missed!!

Ok so this might start out a little weird but i think thats ok cuz im a little weird. So here goes :) I want to thatnk Mr. E  aka blonde british guy!:) i think ur awsome for commenting and oh thanks for the congrats and ya i knew i heard "up the antes" from somewhere and poker sounds just about right!! i tried to comment back to let u know all that good stuff but it wouldnt let me so i decided what better to way to comment back  than  to put it on my blogg for everyone else to see and will now know how awsome u r!!!!!!! :) ok that was the weird part now heres the missed part. I MISS MY BFFFL9YP!!!!!!!! If your wandering what bfffl9yp is well let me brake it dwn for you. Katie is my best friend for like 9 years plus and shes gone.:( She went to colorado for a music fest and to visit her uncle whos soooooooo awsome and hes 22 but thats besides the point. She left on the 15th and i miss her like CRAZY!!! We do everything together at school people say were joint at the hip lol its so true though. The longest weve ever been apart was maybe 4 days. Summer we practically live with each other but everythings changing now since she got a job and i got a job its gonna be really hard to see each other.:( But i guess thats life, u have to grow up and get responsible and some people do grow apart thts just statistics.................................... SCREW THAT!!!!!!!! We have gone through hell and back with each other, this is just a drypatch guess lol Shes coming back sunday and as peaches and herbs would say "reunited and it feels so good"!!!!! thats gonna be our back ground music when i go pick her up from the airport, wer gonna do the whole cliche thing where u run and slow motion and once u run into each other u fall! oh ya we talk about that :)

simply issy!


  1. wow, thanks for the shout out! i'm actually american, btw. i'm just going to school over here. i like your madcap writing style (though i think you have an extra f in "bfffl9yp" there, unless you left out an expletive).

  2. Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. You girls rock!!! :)