Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boy do i miss it!

So the answer to your question..... yes that was a charletts web reference!:) lol. Okay so i am hating this weather so much! Hot weather and me just dont add up, dont get me wrong it can be nice and all but seriously 106 degrees is not nice its torture!!!! ok maybe im being a little dramatic but thats me!lol Weather hasnt been this hot since 1980 and im just not a fan of it. Im more of a winter/fall kind of gal. I love the cold idk y i just do its soo refreshing and i love love love love love the RAIN! Ive never been this emotionially in love with anything before (i have intimate issues)Im what you would call "obsessed" with it. Every time it rains im always outside with it, im either reading, doing homework, playing in it or flat out stalking it with my eyes;). If rain could file a restraining order against me, i am 100 percent sure it would. It makes everything prettier :) But we havent had any rain in FOREVER and it makes me so sad :( and one day i was watching, "singing in the rain" (ya i stooped that low) and it was pouring down rain (supa jelous) and then i just started writting about rain and it turned into a poem so i thought i would share it with u! Here it is

Rain, Rain Come Again
Rain can be viewed in many ways
Rain makes me happy, it makes the world seem less broken
When the rain falls its like all the pain, worry, and destruction is hidden
Some say it washes all their troubles away and I would agree
For that hour or 2 the only thing that matters is the rain and me
One thing that stuck out the most to me for many years
Is that the rain falling might be a sign of Gods tears
Now if I say I didn’t believe that, id be lying
Because the truth is iv always had that in the back of my mind that its God crying
But how can I love the rain so much if that’s what im thinking
Well I wont officially know the truth until my heart stops beating
So until then, whenever I see rain I will still smile and twirl
Cuz for that hour or 2 it will only be the rain and me in this screwed up world


SIMPLY ISSY!!!!!!!!!


  1. AH GREAT WRITING! And I totally agree with you! Rain makes most people sad, but I LOVE IT. there's something incredible about it. I don't even know why. But yeah. I love itttt.

  2. Thanks Issy! Yes, I grew them in my own back yard. :D