Wednesday, July 20, 2011


OK so me and my brother are at war right now. Prank War!!!!!!!!!! It all started out with, misplacing each others things (heheeh) at first my brother thought he was going crazy, but then he soon realized when he caught me lol. All he said was and i quote " u got 2 days" and then left. i bet your wandering wat that ment right. Me too. So for two days i was sooooo paranoid, i was checking all my crap like crazy!! So i finally went to him on the 2nd day and said WHAT THE HECK DOES 2 DAYS MEAN!!!!!! he just laughed and i was like do u know how crazy this is making me!!!!! he said good then it worked. Ya jaw dropping stuff. So he got me back by doing absolutly nothing! So after that we started scaring each other. It was and still is really funn. Seeing the facial expressions were just PRICELESS. But do we stop there HECK NO!!!!! He decided to up the antes. (i think thats a saying i heard it somewhere and it just kinda fit. i think lol) Sooooo one night i just couldnt sleep and i was up till like  2 in the mornig well usually thats no big deal but i had to be somewhere at 7 am later so i really needed to go to sleep. I finally get to bed at 2:46 and then BAM!!! or BOING!!! i jump awake and see my brother on my bed!!! hes laughing and says "hey wat r u doing?" UHHHHHHHHH SLEEPINGG!!!!! I was like wat the heck man!! he just kept laughing and said oh did i wake u up (cue devilish smile) good. Then i started laughing, it could have been the lack of sleep i got or that my brother got me cuz he knows that if i wake up in my sleep it takes FOREVER for me to fall back asleep or sometimes i just cant get back to sleep!!!!! EVIL RIGHT!!!!! SOguess how long i was up??? Well i ll just tell you 530 in the mornig and i had to be up at six!!! so i got literally 30 minutes of sleep YAAAY!!!!! SO tonight or early in the mornig, basically whenever my brother gets to sleep oh ya u bet ur bottom dollar im going to wake him up out of his sleep and just talk to him :D and talk and talk and talk and oh ya TALK! cue devilish grin and rubbing my hands together while saying MWAH HA HA HA HA!!!! lol

Simply Issy!

oh ya hes in for it :D!!!!!

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  1. yeah, "up the ante". it's a poker expression.