Friday, July 22, 2011

Urs Truly!!!

Sooooo urs truly got a job!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iv been looking and appyling since the beginging of summer and sometimes i get a call then an interview and then nothing :( . When i finally ask y in the most polite way ever (cuz i was soooo annoyed) hes said " well honey, ur just a little to young for this job". Well i go, once again in the most polite voice i had ever used said "dont you have to be 16", he said yes u do. i said well i am 16 and in august im going to be 17 so. He paused and just looked and said oh. u  u just dont look ur age, i was guessing around 14 or 15. All i could say without blowing up in this guys face (cuz ya he didnt know but i get this ALL the time!!! even as low as 12 friggin years old!!) was thank you for your time and have a nice day then walked out. Soo  i kind of gave up after awhile of rejection, cuz u know wat it just does not feel to good and doesnt make me want to jump for joy, But one day my step dad tells me hes really good friends with the guy who owns all the citybites in Oklahoma and he said he would call him up and talk to him. A few days go by and Mark (the guy) called my step dad back and said ya just tell her to go apply, well my stepdad warned him that i dont look my age and iv never really had a real job before more like babysitting and mowing lawns or filing stuff. Mark was really cool about it and said thats no problem let me call steve who is a manerger at one of the places and tell him about ur daughter!!! So i go turn my app in and the guy steves like so lets do an interview now, i said ok lets do it! (showing off my smile and being really bubbly) so he started asking me questions and telling me about city bites and how its a fun and happy place to work at and then he just pushed the app aside and said i dont want to look at this right nw i want u to tell me about ur self. haha soo i did i started off with how awsome i am and that im a real go getter and how people are just amazed to be in my presence.................................... NOT!!! im not that cocky but i did say i get alot of compliments on my smile :D but anyways after i told him about myself he said When can u start!!!!!!!!!! So to wrap this up URS TRULY FINALLY GOT A JOB!!!!! The guy didnt even ask about my age, i guess mark told him but still he didnt ask to confirm it or anything. :)

i guess u can say the underdog came out on top this time!!!
Simply Issy 

first person i told (well after my mom and dad
                                                                                                                 so i gues 3rd oh who cares lol :))

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