Monday, July 25, 2011

cant think of a witty title.....................

Ok soo i decided to just reply to my comments on here, since im not capable of figuring out how to do it other wise :). To rose well i give you mad props for putting that quote up or i guess lyrics up cuz more people should know about BOB DYLAN! Good job girl!!!!!! Ok so back to Mr. E aka NOT british guy but American guy who lives in Britain (did i get that right :)) So is it the Quote i commented or the one i blogged, and thanks i actually am known for my awsome metaphors which usually turns into sarcasm ............ so much for intellectual gramar, more like smart assery :) Sooooooooooooo moving on, Todays my first day at work!!!!! YAAAAAY!!! ( i doubt ill be saying that a month later) I go in at 4:30pm and im like supa stoked! I went to bed at 10:00pm  cuz i wanted to be like fully energized but i ended up waking up at 12:36 am and as u know from my previous blog once i wake up its SUPA hard to get back to sleep. So i tried counting backwards from 100 to 1. Then tried it forwards 1 to 100. and nothing. So i tried my ABCs once again forward and backwards... I can offically say that im a pro, and if i ever get pulled over for drinking or drunk driving (watever u call it) thats the one test i will ace!!!! After all that, i just started singing tommorow by chris young but i cant sing like him let alone sing at all so i decided id let him do it.  so im listening to him and i forget that when i listen to music it always make me hyper so i can officially say that i am 100% SCREWED!!!!!!! Its 2:19 in the morning and im not even tired!!!!! i got 2 hours, 36 minutes and no idea how many seconds of sleep! Wish me luck on my first day cuz God knows i need it

Simply Issy

If my dogg buddy can do it, y cant i!!!!!!!!!!
Ive never been this jelous in my sad :(


  1. haha, sorry i misunderstood! you're right, i wrote that part, thanks! and yes, Bob Dylan is great! :)

    hope your first day went well

    rose xxx

  2. just put on npr's "all things considered". works like a charm.