Saturday, July 23, 2011

sooooooooo technically.....

Soooo technically its not sunday yet, but in 27 minutes it will be but i just couldnt wait!!! Oh i need to clarify something hehe Mr. E aka british guy is actually not british hes american!!!! WOOT WOOT! but hes still awsome that part hasnt changed just his nationality lol. And (i know ur not suppose to start a sentence with "and" but i am ya im bad........... to the bone)  a correction on my bfffl9yp statement i just got too excited its actually BFFL9YP-  best friend for like 9 years plus!!!!!! ok back to my bloggythingamajig..... I read the most aswome quote in the world or today and i thought i might share it with you. :D okay here goes............. u ready..................... are u sure................ i bet the suspence is KILLING  u................ almost dead........okay ill bring u back to life and just tell you :)
No one falls in love by choice, its by chance.
No one stays in love by chance, its by work.
and No one falls out of love by chance, its by choice.

so for all you lovers out there, if you want things to work, put in the time and work for it,
its not just gonna magicaly fix itself.
if you break his/her heart and want to fix it go get some super glue not tape, tape is fast and halfass and will eventully fall of and then its broken all over again.
if you trully want to fix it
1. go to the store
2. ask  for glue
3. make sure the glue is super glue
4. buy the glue
5. go home, fix what you broke and hold on to it
if you trully want to fix his/her heart u will take the neccessary steps and as much time as she/he need to fix it.
If you dont want to fix it, let someone else who wants to do it. u keep ur halfass tape :)

yaaa i just got deep just call me dr. issy

simply issy 


  1. doctors say the heart is the strongest muscle in your body then why does it break so easily.

    issy ( i had to add that)
    ok im done being so deep and awsome lol ill just be awsome :)

  2. this was quite a sweet post :)

    thanks for your comment on my blog, and in reply no, i didn't write that quote (i wish I had though!), it's actually by Bob Dylan from the song 'Times they are a Changin'


  3. haha thanks again. i don't know about the last part of that quote, but i like the metaphor you're drawing out there.