Sunday, May 8, 2011


Ok so i havent blogged in sooooooooooo long like 2010 long. So im gonna start agan but its going to be different. yes it will still be about the drama in my life but now a little different. ive recently discovered this new thing call reading, i dont know if anyone has ever heard of it but its FRIGGIN awsome!! So ya im gonna talk about some amazing books that u guys should really read and would totaly thank me for introducing you to it :D. Im gonna start with the first book i read in 2011, Maximum Ride the Angel Experiment. two words. BIRD KIDS. im just gonna leave you with that (intrigued arent ya?)

Simply Issy
(man it feels good to say that)

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  1. It's so good that you're blogging again, 'cause I just stumbled upon your page :)
    Yes reading is awesome! Woo.