Wednesday, October 13, 2010


OMG........................................................ so my first hour is paretning and developement and ya thats the clas where you get to take a fake baby home!!! and thiss weekend is my turn!!!!!!!!! im sooooooooo excited to do it i think im getting a mexican boy who really looks like a chinease baby but who knows who the baby daddy is lol  jk! anywho as you guys know my sister is prego (i swear it is totally baby season i know so many people who are pregant or has already popped) and let me tell you she is so close to waking up in the middle of the night and screaming MY WATER BROKE!!!! by the way shes soooo huge its adorable and she waddles :D anywhoo oh ya she wants me to be in the room when it happens but i really dont want that mental pic of her vaj ja up in my mind or somehting popping out of it. just not my forte but she really wants me to be in the room so im debating on that still cuz i still have nightmares :D well sorry i havent posted in like forever even if nobody reads it i feel obligated to voice my life lol so i thnk thats it for nw catch ya later!!!

simply Issy

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