Friday, October 1, 2010


ok so today is OCT 1st that means F.F.S aka fresh freakin start! ya i made that up. so yesterday i had a mental break down and like went crazy but its totally cool now im sane! but you know how i told you guys that my sis is prego like juno lol well her baby shower is tommorow and guess what she DISinvited me!!!! I mean really thats totall bull crap!! but i thnk i might crash it anyway lol but ya so i was watch vampire diaries yesterday and as usuall damon and stefan looking extra yummy and amazingly HOT!!!! and this new show Nikita is pretty B.A! and OMG the jersey shore is sooooooooo insanley funny!!!! but enough about shows this guy at my school is taking way to long to ask me out and im getting really bored with it!!!!! :) i dont know what else to do to get him to ask me out or for my number himself he gets other people to do it thts so lame to me!! oh my fav color is purple and green (random iknow) ok thats it for now any advice would be AMAZING!!!
Simply issy


  1. Hi issy.. i don't know it's already oct 2 here at the Philippines... haha.. and we're 1 day adavance on date and time there... I did start something new anyway... I jogged today.. maybe that's a FFS.. haha

    I just visit your blog.. and looking forward for more of your post... so maybe I should follow you anyway :)

    1. hahaha awww thats supa sweet im gonna start posting again!!! bahahhahha yes 2nd do count lol

  2. ha ha wow thats really cool about the day thing! i started jogging to but i started like monday but anyway looking forward to your blogs to!!

  3. I only watch TV online. (Ahaha, how weird is that? :P)
    I'll be sure to check out Nakai. (: I love new shows! :D