Tuesday, October 5, 2010

quick question!

ok quick question guys!!!!??  i want to know is there any GLEEKS outthere!!!!! if you dont know what that means SHAME ON YOU!!! jk but seriously thats horrible anyways its a show called glee which is an amazing show i might add!! and for people who love it we call ourselves GLEEKS!!!! if youve never seen this show before you REALLLLYYYYY need to check it out like just do me one solid and watch and i guarantee you ill get comments saying oh issy your sooo smart and i love you soo much ur soooo amazing and thank you for showing me this show!!!! lol jk (i bet that wont happen but hey a girl can dream:D) but chek it out on tuesday at 7:00 on fox 25 or channel 12 for basic channels but if you want to start from the begining (which would be wise) go to casttv.com or hulu.com like nike says JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!

Simply Issy

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  1. hi issy! it's me. atira. the one behind dooblydoo. just in case if u forget , u leave me a comment. and i was like "er.is she for real?" i thought it was a spam cos really , my blog is anything but exciting. haha. thanks for reading my post. though , i mainly write just for myself. cos i thought no one would want to read it anyway. haha. ur posts r cute issy. it is simply u. i dont know u , but u look like u r exciting. and talkative. r u? n i love watching glee too. but not so much to call myself a gleek ;p i loveeee brittany. she's so cute in her own way! sometimes its unbelievable how dumb she is , but that's so cute. i guess i'll stop here before making this comment a whole post ;p see ya issy