Saturday, October 2, 2010

ello (im british) lol

ok so last monday i had to go to the doctor cuz i was getting sick alot. and well they had to draw my blood!!! in my mind i was like OH HECK NOOOOOOOO!!! i absolutly positive really really sure i am deathly afraid of needles!!!! but i had to get my blood drawn any ways :(  so they did all that crap to me and of course i cried lke the ballbaby i am and got a freaking needle in my arm! so thursday they tell me and my brother that we have to have some kind of shots every other day!!! and once again in my mind i was like OH HECKS NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! they said that my allergies are really bad and this will help out alot like basically cure me or something. my brother is afraid of them to and so were like freaking put and guess what i got to get today???? a freaking needle in my arm!!!!!! my mom gave it to me and on the second one she like jabbed it into me! i was like OW your suppose to put the needle in my arm not the whole tube!!!!! she felt pretty bad so i let it go but i really hurt! i think thats about it blog ya later! :D

simply issy


  1. thanks for following, & commenting!

    xxx rosie

  2. I'm afraid of needles to but I got used to it.. specially that I'm the one to put needles! hahaha I mean I'm a student nurse so.. Haha.. don't worry my older sister is quite afraid of needles too.. i think somehow everybody does.

  3. I am afraid of needles too i pass out at the sight of them. I am also the same when it comes to blood, so I am screwed when it comes to blood tests! I hope you're okay though! like your blog :)


  4. oh nooo get well soon izzy :D

    thanks for the lovely comment <3

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  6. Well I'm afraid of needles too.
    got some experience. xP