Saturday, May 21, 2011


SOOOOOO...... iv been awall cuz i have been so busy since school is almost over. I CANT BELIEVE IM GONNA BE A SENIOR!!!!!!! this is crazy right, only bad thing is no one believes im even a junior. see i have this baby face that makes me look like a freshman rather a junior. which really sucks!!! yesterday my whole class was freakin out when i said i was a junior. literally my whole class! i had to ask my teacher to pull up my schedule cuz no one believed me! it was soo crazy. well back to the MAXIMUMRIDE THE ANGEL EXPERIMENT!!!!!! (cue amazing music) ok this book is really good. it has everything from drama to funny to sad to happy to action to ROMANCE but this book is unique cuz its not just regular teen drama stuff, these kids have to go through alot.its about these 6 kids, not ordinary kids though. Max and Fang are the oldest then goes Iggy (whose blind now because of The School) then Gassy (who has a gas problem) after him comes Nudge then lastly Angel who is the youngest (and can also read minds) did i mention they all have WINGS! It all starts out with this place called The School,(this is actually how they meet. gassy and angel are the only related ones) at this place  they were being experimented and tested on  and tourchered on a daily basis. when they escaped all they wanted was to be left alone and go unnoticed but of course u know that wont happen. more like cant happen! so one day they were out in a feild picking strawberrie ( ya sounds perfect right..... just wait) and out of no where these erasers (big ugly demented looking wolf/bears) come and attack but luckly BIRD KIDS can kick some ASK! as there throwing down Max notices how they are mainly going for Angel and before she can do anything they take Angel! well to Max, Angel is her baby and when u mess with her baby u bring out the HULK in her and u dont want Max angry, u wont like her when shes angry. she knows exactly where they took her, back to THE SCHOOL. So now they have a mission and one thing about Maximum Ride u should know is she NEVER gives up and NEVER looses. The School should of thought twice before taking Hulks baby!!!! I think ill leave you with that lol
simlpy issy
p.s once u start reading this im telling u,
 u wont be able to stop.
true story


  1. People always think I'm a lot younger than I am too! It can work to your advantage though when you want to get into the movies for cheaper and the football for free :) haha


  2. I'm going to be a senior next year too, and the thought is both exciting and frightening.
    My sister bought that book yesterday. Looks like I'll have to steal it from her! ;)